Nice to see you here :) I am an illustrator and designer. Married and mother of three + a dog and we live in a magical small village in Israel.

The connection to creating has been there since childhood. Over the years I studied and worked in graphic design, photography and album design and the dream of my own handmade business was there all the time.

I founded Small Talk in 2010 with a different name and concept . Over the years the brand has undergone several changes following my personal development and my desire to learn more and more and create with a variety of materials.

My natural attraction is decor for children's rooms because, for me, that's where all the magic happens, where the uniqueness of each boy and girl is expressed and I enjoy taking part in creating a pleasant and happy environment for them.

My love for what I create brings you the best products and service I can give.

Thanks for visiting my website! I am always happy to help and advise. You will find me on WhatsApp through the website, by email or on Instagram.

Efrat ♡

Instagram: @small_talk_shop

Email: [email protected]