• When choosing a photo decide if you want the final illustration vertical or horizontal.
  • The photo must be focused and at good quality so I can capture all the details such as facial features, clothing patterns and creases.
  • Please note, if the characters are cut at the edge of the photo they will get cut at the illustration too. I recommend leaving 3-5 cm margents which will show on the final framed illustration or leave margents just for the framing.
  • You can always ask for advice when choosing the photo [email protected]
  • The background of the illustration will be blank (unless you want to add a minimalistic background) so this part of the original photo is not relevant.
  • I'll do my best to create the most true to reality illustration but please take under consideration that I'm not familiar with the characters and sometimes it won't be an exact copy. You can always send me more photos so I can get more info about the characters.
  • Four styles available (see examples in the shop):

Faceless portrait-

With line eyes-

.(With dainty facial features (line eyes-

.(With dainty facial features (detailed eyes-

For combined photos portrait please contact me

At the end of the process (5-14 business days) I will send the proof and you'll be able to ask for up to 3 revisions (more for extra cost). Then you will get a high resolution file ready for printing. You can use it to print on whatever you want and as many times as you like. Print it on paper, stickers, mug, shirt and more.

.Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to creating a meaningful piece for you